Sci-fi Writing Competition Organized for Young Writers

Sci-fi Writing Competition Organized for Young Writers

2 Oct, 22 - 22 Oct, 22


STEMcIUB organized a Sci-Fi writing competition for all science enthusiasts to showcase their talent in creative writing. Here the aspiring writers got a chance to win 3k worth of prize money with participation certificates and more. Undergraduate students from all departments were welcome to take part and each of them shared amazing stories.

Honorable Judge

Mr. Salman Haque, bestselling author and translator was the honorable judge for the competition, which was scored in terms of creativity, quality and audience engagement.

Sci-fi Stories

The competition was truly nip and tuck, with the winning story coming out on top being Project Justice by Shadman Ali from the Department of Law. The story mesmerized readers from both outside and inside the institution. Another amazing piece, Clairvoyant, by Aybaz Karim from the EEE Department was the runner up. There were other mentionable interesting stories like The Xeno Project, A Day Like A Nightmare, Pandora, A Magical Pen and many more that piqued the readers’ interests and truly upheld the passion IUB students have for Sci-Fi.